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Upcoming Events

July 10, 2017
Sound Engineer:
Mark Andre: «…IN…» for amplified bass clarinet (2003) (with Ryuta Iwase, bass clarinet)
Luigi Nono: …sofferte onde serene… (1975-77) (with Yuiko Yasuda, piano)
Francisco C. Goldschmidt …y te pierdes y te hundes… (2013-16)
Ensemble Exophonie Tokyo
Tokyo Concerts Lab., Shinjuku, Tokyo
7 p.m.
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Other Upcoming Events
August 13, 2017
Composition: Parti… for violin solo (2012~14, rev. 2015)
Linda Jankowska, violin
Distractfold Ensemble
Kalvs Kyrka (Kalv, Sweden)
12 p.m.
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