withdrawn works

Withdrawn Works

The following lists the withdrawn works, many of which were written before 2007.  Recordings of those works are not available, and performances of these pieces are not permitted.

Sigla – for twelve percussionists (2006) (Currently under revision)

Ventiform – A project in three pieces (2006 – )
I. mes vers avec de l’air – for flute solo

…from azure to indigo… – for soprano, percussion (one player) and shô (2006)

Tu n’y trouveras que du vent I – for alto flute, trumpet and violoncello (2008) (Currently under revision)

Gemini Studies – for four players (2010)

Wound Sky – for 11 musicians (2008)

Four Poems of Devin Farney – for soprano, violoncello and piano (2005)

Rêvesquisse – for chamber orchestra (2003)

Le territoire de… II – for marimba solo (2005)

La Sonnerie des Cloches (2008)
– an electronic composition

Pizza en Forma de Yoshi (2002)
– an electronic composition (created with Peak)

…and i was in the garden of… (2002)
– an Electronic Poem (created with Logic Audio)

“Front-is-piece” (2002)
– a small midi composition (created with Logic Audio)

Le Poème Vert, cinq épisodes (2004)
– for five instruments

A News Theme for California Polytechnic State University (2004)
(A 30-second composition for orchestra with 3 marimbas and synthesizer (done with MIDI))

Hikoki (Poem by Takuboku Ishikawa) (2001)
For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano

Martelé (2006)
for carillon

Antithèse (2005)
for piano

Le territoire de… I (2004)
for violon solo

Sept Couleurs Oubliées – for Shakuhachi solo (2003)