Conducting Repertoire – Selected List (20th/21st century repertoires)
Composer Compositions
Andre, Mark Asche (2004)
Aylward, John Mercury (2013)
Chang, Yu-Hui Intersect (2013)
Di Castri, Zosha Escapement (2009)
Di Castri, Zosha Strange Matter (2011)
Gosfield, Annie Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery (2000)
Grisey, Gérard Talea (1986)
Hall, Alec Striped Noise (2011)
Hall, Alec Blood July (2012)
Hughes, Curtis K. National Insecurity (2002)
Jacobs, Bryan Do You Need, Do To Me, 18 Me, 18 Mean (instrumental version) (2012)
Jacobs, Bryan Stealing an Image (2009)
Jacobs, Bryan Aninininimate (2012)
Lin, Wei-Chieh …entrapercevoir… (2013, rev. 2014)
Lu, Wang Siren Song
Moore, Kate Mobile and Sculpture
Onishi, Yoshiaki Départ dans…
Onishi, Yoshiaki Lost Geometry
Onishi, Yoshiaki Palinody
Onishi, Yoshiaki ref.
Onishi, Yoshiaki Vague II
Onishi, Yoshiaki Wound Sky
Orikasa, Toshiyuki Dissipation IIb
Ricketts, Matthew Quick Study (2011)
Serrano, José Manuel Sistro Impar
Soper, Kate The Sleep Side (2011)
Tsuda, Schuyler Forced Vibrations and Resonance
Tucker, Colin engulfed, constrained in a widening gap (2012-13)
Wettl, Mátyás ö (2013)
Xenakis, Iannis Atrées
Xenakis, Iannis Khal Perr