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  • Review: Andile Khumalo’s Shades of Words
  • Between Imagination and Realization: Composers and Metaphysical Spaces (Doctoral Dissertation, Columbia University) (2015)
    This dissertation explores the ways of imagining the metaphysical space as a viable platform in music composition. I divide the paper into three large chapters: The first chapter is a philosophical grounding of the concept of metaphysical space. I reveal the concept of metaphysical space, and propose one of the possible inner structures of it. The inner structure of the metaphysical space is explained in two tiers. In the first tier, I review the Niveau Poïétique of Jean Molino’s Tripartite Model, and then offer an alternative reading of the Niveau Poïétique. Thereafter, I put the first tier of the structure of the metaphysical space in a larger philosophical context, by invoking the concept of two-fold being-in-the-world by Shizuteru Ueda. In the second chapter, I present a detailed analysis of …zu… by Mark Andre, in which I investigate how the paradigm of metaphysical space can be applied to the compositional situations of Andre and his work. The chapter is divided into two large sections. The first section is devoted to Andre’s methodology in music notation. This section provides the concrete foundation necessary for the discussion of the second section, which is the musical analysis of the Andre work. The third chapter is devoted to the analysis of my recent work, Tramespace I (2012-13). This chapter is also divided into two sections. In the first section I discuss the problematics of the musical circularity from philosophical perspectives. In the second section I present an analysis of Tramespace I, by referring to the musical sketches and other pertinent compositional materials for the work. In this chapter as a whole my aim is to present one of the many possibilities of utilizing the kinds of philosophical and musical ideas derived from the preceding two chapters in the praxis of music composition, in ways that are anchored by the overarching concept of the metaphysical space.
  • On Tramespace I, a Lecture (On The Ear Reader)
  • Two Writings (A Response and Keynote Speech),  Gaudeamus Muziekweek Seminar on Crisis, Fall 2013
  • “A Few Thoughts on Reger’s Variations and Fugue on a Theme of J.S. Bach“, Summer 2013
  • A review article for Open Space (forthcoming)
  • Interview with the Nieuw Ensemble for the 2011 Season Brochure (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Program notes for the Columbia University Orchestra concerts, Seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13.
  • Democratizing Classical Music, published by Columbia Spectator on December 1, 2011
  • Reharmonizing Japan, published by Columbia Spectator on March 24, 2011. 

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