New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year to all of the readers out there.

I am finally updating the blogging portion of my site.  I think I will blog more this year, since at the beginning last September I left Facebook, or at least I closed the personal Facebook account.  Not much to comment on why I left, except that I figured that those who want to keep in touch with me would do so via other means than the so-called social networking site.  Somehow the Facebook seems to be becoming more and more “plastic” than ever.  Maybe is it a reflection of the society today, which seems to focus on the surface plasticity instead of inner profundity of things?  Also, it seemed that there were constant tidal waves of information (most of them trivial, irrelevant, and uninteresting) that overwhelmed me.    Maybe in the future, I will go back and restore the personal account, but strangely, ever since I closed my personal account, I have not had a strong urge to do so.

I suppose that I have not completely left the labyrinth that is the world of internet.  I am still on other sites such as Soundcloud.  I suppose that the world is really changing, in the sense of how people communicate with each other on a daily basis.  Yet I am also reminded of how, in the lecture given by Mark Andre in Takefu, Japan, he referred to Adorno and said: “the more convenient our lives are, paradoxically the unhappier we are.”  I may be misquoting Andre, but I think that is what he said, and it has been on my mind for a while.

Musically speaking, I have not much to report either.  I have been writing, that is probably it.  (I am somehow reminded of a Boulez essay from Orientations, the collection of essays, in which Boulez writes about Cosima Wagner’s diary: “…R. is working…”)  For the next six months, I will be composing, and I do not currently have any performance of my music scheduled until September.  But there are some interesting projects emerging, and I hope to share them with the visitors/blog readers of my site as they are ripe for announcement.

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