Summer Update

I am happy to have time to write on this seemingly arid blog again.

First I have finished the work for Asko|Schönberg Ensemble in Amsterdam, who gives the world première of it in September in Utrecht.  While I am glad that this work is over, the work is still half-way through; there will be the second part of it coming, which keep me busy even more.

For now, however, I have been taking some break from composing, reading more philosophy books by Shizuteru Ueda, and spending some time on solving Go problems.

I have also been teaching a summer course in Music Humanities at Columbia, and this evening was a particularly remarkable class, as there was a huge debate/dialogue that took place amongst the students.  Seeing that happening is one of those rewarding moments.  After the two years of doing the assistant conductor for Columbia Univ. Orchestra, it was quite a change.  A very welcoming one, however.

Just yesterday, I was interviewed by Dan Vezza for his Composer Conversations.  We talked a lot of things.  He was an attentive listener.  I am a bit worried that I might have babbled on things, or some topics went on for an unnecessarily long period of time, but I think it was overall a very good experience.  I might have a bit more to write on it as a sort of “apologia,” but that I will wait until later.  All I could say for now, however, is how wonderful the experience was to sit down and talk with Dan.  That did not happen at all before, even though we were in the same school about half a decade ago.  I think we were somehow in the same place, but we were looking away from each other.  Whether it was because of the place in which we were placed, or because of the young age (the ability to listen and age might have some kind of correlation…), we don’t know.  But it was yet another moment of making me realize how important it is to listen.  (…That “listening” seems to be a recurring theme in my thought process.)  I wish Dan all the best for continuing this very remarkable undertaking.