Happy Holidays

Yes, it is that time of the year again.  Holiday season – time to be reminded on how stupid it is to get ill.

A few days ago New York was unusually warm, about 68F high.  That, combined with my work that obliged me to stay up late to meet the deadline, took its toll on my well-being.  I finished the work just in time (or actually it was a day or two late…), but now I am sick.  Yesterday I had fever, coughed away, and my body ached so badly.  Today it is just coughing, but I have not regained much energy quite yet.

This tends to happen to me: in 2011, around this time of the year I was finishing up my piece Tréma/Trame I for NY-based Yarn/Wire, and I remember preparing the parts for this piece while having high fever (feverishly?).  2010 was awful; I was to conduct the Wet Ink Ensemble, and on one evening I had eaten a plate of lemon glass chicken at a Thai restaurant near Columbia.  I had a very bad case of food poisoning then.  I had to cancel my appearance at Manhattan School of Music for giving a talk at their colloquium, and I barely recovered by that evening to conduct my piece in the rehearsal.  After ten pages of the music I started to sweat crazy.  I felt like I was in a vacuum as the sound flew over me.  I probably was dehydrated.

Last year I had a case of cold that didn’t go away for a few months.  But that was when I started to read a lot of books on Kyoto School philosophy, and what I had read then (I still do continue to read them) has become the basis for my dissertation, which is in progress at the moment.

I am usually healthy and being sick is such a pain.  I read somewhere, though, one is not aware of how it feels like to be healthy until he/she gets ill.  Probably being sick is a reminder of how important to get all the work done while we can, in good health.