aide-mémoire: (2) as we end the year 2016

This holiday season, let’s start by realizing that a mere change of the year will not in any way alleviate the atrocious situations around the world. Hate, ignorance, contempt, jealousy, violence, and other troubles will not magically go away in the new year. People’s perspectives will not miraculously change, unless they themselves want to do so.

Still, so that we can all be at a better place by this time next year, let’s start from somewhere. Pick one tiny thing that we are not good at doing and are in need of improvement. Let’s try to do it better in the next year. Let’s stick to the new year’s resolutions maybe a day longer than we did last year. Let’s all try to listen to each other better. Before we splatter our thoughts to others, let’s have them talk. Let’s enjoy cups of coffee or tea better. If we drink alcohol, let’s try not to drown ourselves in it too much.

Let’s appreciate the depth of meaning of the motto of Paris: “Fluctuat nec mergitur.”

When it comes to acquiring knowledge, let’s not be easily swayed by the apparent conveniences of the digital life. Let’s maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

Let’s not forget how terrible the year 2016 was, so that we can have a reference point when it comes to trying to find ways to do things better.