Increasingly active as a re-emerged clarinetist in the recent years, Onishi has collaborated with composers Carolina Heredia, Oswald Huynh, Bret Bohman, and Andrew Crossley. Other collaborations with composers and musicians are on the horizon.


Soprano Clarinets:

  • Instrument: Buffet Crampon Festival (B-flat and A) (ca. 2002)
  • Mouthpiece: Vandoren M15
  • Ligature: Vandoren Optimum
  • Reed: Légère European Cut, Strength 4

Bass Clarinet:

  • Instrument: Buffet Crampon Tosca 1195 (2019)
  • Mouthpiece: Selmer Concept
  • Neck: Buffet Crampon Icon
  • Ligature: Vandoren Optimum
  • Reed: Légère Signature Cut, Strength 3