PmuD I

for flute and piano (2020)


flute and piano
Commissioned by:
Ensemble Assonance, Armenia

Performance Score available for purchase


While discussing a general topic of where we live and the challenges of living specific to the places we live or have lived, a friend of mine in Berlin asked me if I felt comfortable enough to live in the United States, in the sense of whether or not I found the country to be more progressive than Japan, when it came to the matter of minority communities. I responded, partly with my rusty German but in all honesty: “More or less. Progressivität mit unendlicher Dissonanz” Progressiveness with never-ending dissonance. Quite unexpectedly, I found it to poetically encapsulate how I view my own situation and the world around me. I might have accepted the dissonance as it was, but I do not wish to succumb to it. At this juncture of my life, to say something is in itself the move towards the progressiveness, and that gives rise to resistance of many kinds. It becomes an ongoing question of how to say something despite all that is happening to me and around me. As the pandemic has brought fundamental changes in lives of many, including mine, it also prompts me to ask myself an existential question: Is there anything left for me to say in the first place? Thus, emerged out of the times of the COVID-19 crisis, PmuD is my attempt to “say something.” I express deep gratitude to the musicians who have extended to me the opportunities to collaborate.


Performance History

05/05/2020 WP
Narek Avagyan, flute
Anahit Ararati Dilbaryan, piano
Livestreamed online

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