Tréma/Trame I

for four players (2011)


2 pianos, percussions (2 players)


Trame is a French word for “woof,” or “weft,” term that has strong connotations with the act of weaving. Exploring the compositional analogies of textiles has been one of my interests in the recent works of mine, and this work is no exception to this. Tréma “ ¨ ”is one of French accents that, when applied to a vowel, separates the two consecutive vowels so that they are pronounced individually (e.g. naïve). I interpreted this particular linguistic notion as a “splitting of a unity,” or “uncovering a duality within a singularity.” Thus it bears more philosophical connotations for me.

[…] Ce qui oblige à l’approfondissement du rationnel est aussi ce qui nourrit l’irrationnel de l’exploitation hiérarchique et de la répression. […]

[…] What requires the enrichment of the rationality is also what nourishes the irrationality of hierarchic exploitation and repression […]

– Guy Debord, La Société du Spectacle, Thesis 72

Tréma/Trame I was written in the fall of 2011, for Yarn/Wire.


Performance History

01/27/2012 WP
DiMenna Center for Classical Music
Columbia Composers Concert

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